On the occasion of the 71 Venice Film Festival in Venice, LaDegustazione.com will be at the Lido as a partner of AGIS at the CASA DELLO SPETTACOLO (House of Entertainment). We organized several meetings in a tasting journey of excellence in food, wine, olive oil and not only terroir and cinema ..... Every afternoon aperitifs from La Degustazione with bubbles and white wines, with the exclusive Chardonnay with mint from Gianni Brignolio .... and tasting of extra virgin olive oil of excellence ...

"CASA DELLO SPETTACOLO" - "THE HOUSE OF ENTERTAINMENT" - from August 28th to September 5th

At the Lido of Venice, from August 28th to September 5th, at the Venice Film Festival.

This is the rich program of events of CASA DELLO SPETTACOLO (Lungomare D'Annunzio 14 - Lido di Venezia) the place where, on the occasion of the 71. Venice International Film Festival, meetings, presentations, discussions, exhibitions and tastings from 28 August to 5 September. will be hold. CASA DELLO SPETTACOLO is promoted and organized by the associations of the exhibition industry ANEC and Fice, the project Quality Screens, by Agiscuola and by AGIS. To inaugurate the activities, on the evening of Thursday 28 August, will be the celebration on the eve of the 45 years after its release, of the film The CLOWNS by Federico Fellini, by the Ente Nazionale Circuses, in collaboration with the Academy of 'Circus Arts of Verona, with the participation of acrobats and jugglers. Among the new program, which will be devoted to "Profession Cinema" and the show in all its forms, the appointment, on the afternoon of Friday 29 August, with the choreographer and director Luciano Cannito who will discuss the preparation of a show and the artist's work, accompanied by the performance of some dancers of the show Amarcord, signed by the same Cannito. Among the events dedicated to the "Profession Cinema", the already announced, plus the presentation of the third edition of the research "Dining and Living" (in the afternoon of September 2), and the initiative of ANEC Umbria "SCHERMITUTTI Umbria Youth Film Festival ". Among the other events scheduled for the presentation of an encounter with Europa Cinemas during which you will learn the guidelines of the Circuit of Sale for the spread of European cinema (the morning of Monday, September 1); the closing party, organized by the CICAE, the Training Course in San Servolo Merchant arthouse; a seminar on the issue of distribution of the Works First and Second promoted by the project Quality Screens who also plans the toast with the winners of the Quality Screens 2014 (morning of September 4); the party submitting Cinema Professional Days to be held in December in Sorrento (evening of 1 September); the presentation of the Meetings of Arthouse Cinemas in Mantova (morning of Tuesday, September 2).
Even the music will be featured: this year for the first time, as part of the exhibition, will be assigned to Assomusica, Producers and Promoters Association shows of live music, the prize for the best piece of music that accompanies the film in Competition and Assomusica will assign the special prize to the artist who best knew how to express the relationship between music and images. At the activities will also attend the Anbima, the Association of Italian Music Bands, with the formation of youth Anbima Friuli Venezia Giulia, who will perform in the afternoon of August 31, with an original repertoire for band and film music.

Each afternoon there will be the event “La Degustazione at the CASA dello SPETTACOLO” with a tasting path each day dedicated to a different theme, with made in italy excellence producers explaining their own creatures to the guests.

The House of Entertainment is organized in collaboration with Assomusica, Federmusica, Federdanza, Enc, Anbima, Daniele Cipriani Entertainment, Academy of Circus Arts of Verona.

Partners: Sony Europe Limited, Fun Food Italy, LaDegustzione.com,  Acqua Lauretana, Carlsberg - Kronenbourg, Caffè Mokarabia, Levoni Consorzio Gruppo Eventi, Suma Events, Cinestat, Ciak