Nowadays the world of wine is in a time of great turmoil, not only in Italy.

On the one hand we have the manufacturers that they conform to the standards of wine "as it should be" whose rules were dictated mainly in the last decade, by famous American critics and consultant oenologist of hundreds of companies. The first with the opinions of a specific wine have led to the explosion and economic development of certain types of wines and companies and the collapse of other companies and products, driven out of the market because products were "different."

Winemakers at the same time have advised companies to produce only certain types of wines, mainly with a "Bordeaux" cut, at the expense of their own expressiveness of native vine. This has led to the placing on the market for wine whose taste is uniform.

But this is what he asked for the market, or rather what in the opinion of the experts the market had to ask .... We have to say that from the point of view of marketing has been a great action .....

Today, however, we are going through a phase of "awareness" and, especially in Italy (the country with the largest number of native varieties: 660), many producers and writers also and wine lovers too, with great force are promoting the uniqueness and differentiation of Italian wines than wines "globalized".

This introduction is a must to understand what we want to do with our project.

In this scenario you go to move the project The project has the aim, on the one hand to educate the consumer even less evolved to discover the typicality of the heritage of native Italian grapes and on the other to provide the winemakers an '"highway" to create visibility and bring near producers with consumers but also with importers, restaurateurs and other industry insiders.

Attention, we're not inventing anything particularly new, we're just trying to sharpen some tools that may be I) web tools: the site, the e-commerce portal, the social, but also II) events organized by us in which we want to communicate the above and try to raise awareness of these wines that by now are not approved at the general public and then find the same wines on sale in our website and III) organize events where we will create moments of meeting between the companies and the industry, aiming to raise awareness of Italian wine abroad (market where today the Italian wines are gaining more and more space, but be careful, and this is important for us, italians winemakers are producing wines not "globalized" as an expression of our territory).