La Degustazione.com project comes out from the idea of Pierfrancesco and Flavio two Tuscan friends keen on quality wine and made in Italy products, the two friends settled in Rome many years ago, and their other friend Professor Antonio who teaches as wine expert/tester at Sommelier school who is a connoisseur of the oenology branch as well as technical consultant of this project. Professional man  Pierfrancesco keen on white mineral wines and elegant strong red wines deeply believe this Country – Italy  - will again be placed in top position thanks to the made in Italy outstanding quality in food and wine, which is the natural result this Country merits


Professor Doctor Flavio is fond od “serious” but unknown wines, with his obstinacy and enthusiasm helps us in overcoming starting up difficulties... he detests “worth a toss” wines.

Oenology Professor Antonio, expert connoisseur of wine plants, leavens, wine-making process added to perfect coupling hydrocarbon and asphalt are the very best for him who is a fine connoisseur of international production from New Zealand Sauvignon to Oregon black Pinot as far as all of Borgogna he loves to distraction

other good food and wine keen Joined them by supporting this project as follows:

gourmet, wines keen and sparkling wines expert in the transalpine ones, Angelo, above all he loves structured strong characteristic red wines... he is fond of reserves.

Friend journalist Lucia was infected by such a passion and our enthusiastic project so we all decided she would become our responsible editor, she loves gewurztraminer but Tuscan reds as well.

The absolute abstemious up to six months ago Mario has been stroked on the Amarone and Recioto path, he loves good food and he is fond od couplings. He also is deeply studying everything concerning wine universe... to make up for lost time by now he firmly knows the d o c g  and the doc  in all central and northern areas.