The project of LaDegustazione is aimed at producers of quality wine, going to discover products that are still poorly understood, but with great potential.

We want to create synergies with the manufacturers together to spread awareness of new companies and new products to rediscover the uniqueness of the grapes produced in Italy, we also intend to reward producers who fail to produce grapes with international wines, taking, however, unique features on our territory.

We do not like the wines "all the same", but we want to discover the uniqueness of Italian wine production, each grape has its typical aromas, ranging exalted in the glass.

Our intention is to discover new talents of Italian wine production, so we are already enjoying many products from companies little known to the general public, focusing on the producers who are dedicated to rediscover native wines or that use organic viticulture.

Our intention is to raise awareness of your products and your work in Italy and abroad, telling your story and conveying the passion and love for a product symbol of our country.

Contact us and suggest your products to LaDegustazione. You can use our e-commerce platform to sell your products directly, organizes a visit with our experts at your basement or send us samples of your products with the technical specifications of the characteristics of your wines and grape varieties.