"Ladegustazione" will appeal to anyone (including non-drinkers!) who wish to get closer to the wine through its complexity: from the vine to the final product with its organoleptic characteristics, to those who want to deepen their knowledge about wine, further refining olfactory capabilities , through a predetermined path of mini-courses and tastings.

All study activities and trade are coordinated by expert sommeliers and winemakers which will help you recognize the different types and properties of both native and international grape varieties, in order to lay the basis for judging the merits and the faults of the wines, getting used to the informed consumer to "drink well and high quality wines".

Tasting can take place in the evenings theme, using "horizontal" (same wine, same vintage, different manufacturers) or "vertical" (same wine, same manufacturer, different years), combined with food choices or by the customer, when there are events private.

We aim to have small wine realities, but of high quality profile, go to the discovery of the ancient native Italian grape varieties, even of limited production.

Of course we can organize an event with the most famous Italian companies and their most representative wines (exclusive tastings).

Supervision of the purposes of study is in charge of the team LaDegustazione, composed by well-known sommelier.

The project has the goal of leading to drink, always in a measured and responsible way, high-quality wines often unknown to most people, and that are expression of our country.