WE ARE NOT A Wine Shop

Or ... at least we're not in the classic sense of the term. We want to be a new way of communicating the wine, the terroir, the winemakers and wineries that offer us with their sacrifice and their efforts splendid products. We do know at one by one the companies that we have selected for you. In this section you will find a description of the company, as well as a video with which producers tell their stories. We asked them to tell us about their company in 1 minute but when they breached ... I must say that we were happy. We hope to convey the same emotions we have experienced knowing the realities that lie behind the wine bottle and a glass of wine. We think that the wine is not just a glass but much more, the wine excites and, at a time when we drink it, it takes our mind at the time of harvesting, wine-making, to the rain, the snow, the sun, the wind. The time that the winemakers have dedicated to their vineyard, in the glass becomes even a little ours.

For this reason in this section of the site we decided to take you directly to the cellar where you can easily meet the producers and their wines that you can buy easily and with no charge for shipping charges  for purchases over 90 Euro for each producer or 150 euro for purchases from several manufacturers shipped into the italian territory.

All products have been carefully selected for you by our staff, are wines that we like very even and especially for the stories they tell. You will also find the products "EXCLUSIVE" that some of the companies we selected only sell exclusively online through our portal.


You can choose between wine producers that our team has selected. We want to offer fine wines at competitive prices and to do this we try to keep down the costs of shipping, so the purchase is 6 bottles minimum allowed by manufacturer, obviously more and more bottles purchases the incidence of the cost of transport falls . 


La Degustazione can ship wines and oil through all the UE. Shipping costs are as follow: 

for 1 case of 6 bottles (10kg): 49,00 Euro

2 cases (20 kg): 59,00 Euro

3 cases (30 kg): 69,00 Euro

more than 3 cases - to 7 cases (max 70kg): 79,00 Euro.

For orders of more than 7 cases call or email us for personalized shipping quotation.


In accordance with the manufacturers we will also promote wines with special prices , follow us on twitter or on the pages of our website not to miss the opportunity to buy at cheaper prices.

La Degustazione can ship all over Italy and to the countries of the European Community; for EXTRA UE shipments please send us an email with your request and you'll get a personalized quote for shipping.