Unlikely  from wine, the oil is one of  our lives’ sectors, it has a specific  geographic  area imprinting, melting pot of familiar and ethnos  groups  traditions within a topaz  or gold yellow fat liquid recalling our by now gone childhood , gluttonous of bread and oil often offered by ones grandmother.

This is the smell/taste we have in our minds where may also be sort of distorted but just  recalls the word “house”, while every other tasted oils,  excellent  extra virgin  as well, because of their  characteristics, are considered tabù more by our minds than our mouths.

Since we become extremely fond of  the bottle our friends or relatives give us, with  we  selfishly and  jealousy  hug  the “best oil,  so we remain submitted to also wrong traditions and  never dock in the right  place .

Currently extra virgin oil obtained by drupes squeezing  when ripening begins overturns romantic and  cultural heritages  of they who do not believe in” senses’  betrayals” overwhelmed by  different smells  of new and “revolutionary” mono cultivar, refused and mocked for years  and sacrificed  on “barbarous oils” altar, produced out from ones areas, and summarily executed under the “it is not my house’s oil” anathema.

The growing recognition obtained abroad by genuineness  and purity of extra virgin Italian oils coming from different regions , squeezed  in personal  mills excellencies , overturned party  judgment about  out of one’s territory parochial  judgment,  so almost unknown monocultivar  are appreciated.

The how “ to make” extra virgin olive oil, milled after not later than  24 hours from harvest  in discontinuous cycles mills and no air at all, produced high profile  extra virgin oils we immodestly call “superior”.

These extra virgin  samples , extremely perfect in keeping  chemical  oil innate  quality, distinguish themselves  on the base of different acidity grade and pressing into three categories  (light, medium fruity and intense oils)

All of  oil connoisseurs deserve commendation for their passionate care even with sacrifices, above all of economic nature, because thanks to them Italian extra virgin olive oil (the world richest oil in autochthonous cultivars) is back to excellent levels  missed during the last decades because of also the wicked, regional, state and community regulations which betrayed  its identity.

Italian extra virgin oils are back among the elite ones, dens with origin, giving incomparable taste  to they who instead of tasting oil just as a simple seasoning, unconventionally poor it  into a coffee cup , tasting it while closing their eyes, getting lost in a never tasted sense up to that very time.